28 of The Best Apartments In Doral

Studio, One, Two & Three Bedroom Apartments

Plus Our Exclusive Penthouse Collection

Apartamentos en Doral

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Rental Rates
Studio Apartments starting at $1645 to $1,790
One Bedroom Apartments starting at $1,905to $$2,350
Two Bedroom Apartments starting at $2,175 to $2,840
Three Bedroom Apartment starting at $3,620 to $3620

Indulgent Apartment Interiors

The Flats Residences were inspired by international luxury with a thoughtful array of interior finishes. Informed and inspired by international luxury resort design, while perfectly complementing CityPlace in its sleek, urban lifestyle sensibility. The color palette of your apartment is based on the light as it touches surfaces with airy brightness, spotlighting chrome, wood and delicately-hued quartz.

The Flats Luxury Apartments in CityPlace Doral

We’d love to help you select the apartment at The Flats CityPlace Luxury Apartments that’s perfectly suited to your unique  desires; so we’ve made it easy for you to begin the selection process even before you visit. With twenty-eight distinctive apartment options, you’re certain to find the home that’s perfect just for you! 

Studio Apartments in Doral

  • Studio Apartment A | 550 square feet
  • Studio Apartment A-A Glass | 592  square feet
  • Studio Apartment B | 518 square feet
  • Studio Apartment B-A Glass | 518 square feet
  • Studio Apartment B-B | 574 square feet
  • Studio Apartment B-C Glass | 574 square feet
  • Studio Apartment C Oval | 571 square feet
  • Studio Apartment CC Oval | 594 square feet

One-Bedroom Apartments in Doral

  • One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom 1A | 721 square feet
  • One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom Glass 1-1A-A | 778 square feet
  • One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom 1-1B | 843  square feet
  • One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom Glass 1-1B-A | 903 square feet
  • One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom 1-1C | 658 square feet
  • One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom Glass 1-1C-A | 704 square feet
  • One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom Oval 1-1 | 758 square feet
  • One-Bedroom Apartment, One Bathroom Oval 1-2D | 1,169 square feet

Two-Bedroom Apartments in Doral

  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms 2-2A | 975 Square Feet   
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms Glass 2-2A-A | 1,029 Square Feet
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms 2-2B | 992 Square Feet
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms Glass 2-2B-A | 1,049 Square Feet
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms 2-2C | 1,179 Square Feet
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms Glass 2-2C-A | 1,241 Square Feet
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms 2-2D | 1,118 Square Feet
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms Glass 2-2D-A | 1,175 Square Feet
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms Oval 2-2 | 1,155 Square Feet
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment, Two Bathrooms Oval 2-2D | 1,518 Square Feet

Three-Bedroom Apartments in Doral

No matter which apartment you select, you’ll adore coming home to the luxurious touches that make The Flats CityPlace Luxury Apartments the only place you’ll ever want to call home.

We would love to be your personal Apartment Experts, so please reach out to us anytime, whether you’re ready to choose the apartment that’s perfect for you or just want to know more about our spectacular Doral neighborhood. You will be able to visit us at 3555 NW 83 Avenue, #100, Doral, FL 33122 in December 2016 and see for yourself ; call (305) 800-3528 to schedule a personalized tour or drop us a line anytime at