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 Apartment Entry System

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Open your world with the latest Touch-to-Open™ Kevo smart lock, powered by your smartphone and Bluetooth. Fumbling with your keys is now a thing of the past.

Easily track who comes and goes from your penthouse apartment.

With eKeys, give loved ones access to your home from your phone. You’ll even get a notification when they use one.

Meet the App.

penthouse apartmentAvailable for iOS & select Android devices, the smart lock app controls Kevo right from your smartphone or tablet. Grant access with eKeys and monitor who is locking and unlocking.

Levels of access for all who come and go.

Instantly give, remove and customize access to all those who enter your home. With Kevo, you can send and retract digital eKeys in a flash.

Everyday Use In Your Apartment or Away

Anytime eKeySmart Apartments in Doral

Built for versatility, eKeys are perfect for your family because they can be reassigned from person to person as an Anytime or a Scheduled eKey.

24-Hour Access Apartment Guest eKey

Give your guest unrestricted access to your apartment for 24 hours. Guest eKeys can be resent to anyone as needed and after a 24-hour period, they will be automatically deleted.

Time Fencing: Scheduled eKey

With pre-set day and time limits that you control, the Scheduled eKey is perfect for regular visitors, like dogwalkers and house cleaning services.

Track the activity of all eKey users who engage your lock.

The app’s lock history displays all of your Kevo’s activity, including sending and accepting eKeys and any locking and unlocking of your Kevo smart lock.

In-apartment Locking and Unlocking: Still busy preparing when guests arrive? No problem. You can unlock the door within Bluetooth® range of the lock.

Smart Watch Compatible: Kevo works with your favorite smart watch for added convenience.